Estate Manager


Enactor is pre-packaged with an extensive range of online reports that let managers keep abreast of trading whenever they need, wherever they are. Reports are produced in browser, PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint formats and can be viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop devices. Pre-configured reports include:


Enactor includes an open source report engine that lets application developers easily change existing reports or design and integrate new reports into applications. BIRT supports HTML 5, drill down and simple cubes. The engine provides scheduling and queuing of reports and a user interface for displaying, saving and distributing them. Enactor has also extended the report engine to produce XML output and to integrate with dynamic dashboards. BIRT report designs are stored as XML and can access a number of different data sources including SQL databases, Plain Old Java Objects, XML and Web services.

Banking transactionsCash on handCard transactionsSafe discrepanciesTerminal discrepancies
Stock ledgerTerminal exceptionsUser exception analysisEmployee balanceICC reader connections
Unexpected ICC readersUser salesBest sellersWorse sellersMMG summary
Price changesProduct salesReplenishmentReturnsRolling replenishment
Sales transactionsTrading summaryPromotions summaryTender totalsSales analysis by hour
Reason code analysis by weekdayStock adjustmentsIncome expense transactionsAverages transaction sales summaryGift card, credit note, voucher outstanding balances