What does Flow Based Programming (FBP) mean for your business?

If there is a constant in retail it is that of evolving business needs. Implementing multi- and cross-channel retail, knowing your customers better and improving customer experience are driving the future of retail – and business and IT teams have to respond.

Imagine that you can add new customer touchpoints – mobile POS, kiosk or Web – running connected customer service functions, but without the expense of build and customisation projects or the purchase of new packages that have to be integrated, and that you can do so in weeks rather than months. This design goal is realised in Enactor with a revolutionary set of tools that work alongside the Enactor retail applications.

Enactor gives retailers the ability to innovate. Using the toolkit retail applications can be built and deployed without months or years of development effort. Complex business processes like running customer service applications across a multi-channel enterprise are prototyped using the designers, tested and deployed. Repeating that sequence creates a circle of systems development that results in high quality, rapidly built and more easily deployed software.

The Toolkit is used to build, adapt or enhance secure applications with native thick and thin client user interfaces for Web, kiosk, mobile and desktop POS. The applications that are produced are platform and database independent and will run on Linux, OSX, Windows, Android and IOS. Enactor makes the implementation of new initiatives simpler and cost less.

The Enactor platform and the development toolkit are at the heart of the digital retail enterprise, of improved customer experience and initiatives to drive new sales.