Consumer Mobile


The Enactor Digital Hub’s Omni-Ordering Engine, means orders from any channels at any time are stored and distributed to the Restaurants or Bar that are needed to execute them. All orders also apply any loyalty scheme points or rewards, associated to the customer.

The Journeys

Order in Advance

Customers can order anything they want in advance. At minimum they might simply make a reservation for an available slot. At most they even have the option to order their entire meal.

Usually a customer will order something in-between like ordering drinks and starters in advance. Even being able to specify minor details like having drinks ready on arrival, having a high chair ready or having place names can really improve customer experience.

Order at Table

Orders made in advance, are picked up and made live on arrival. Or when customers sit down they identify which table they are on at it goes live on the POS and on their phone. From there they can order straight away at table. All items added are also added to the POS in real time.

Order a takeaway

Customers can order a take away or delivery from the full menu sets.

Consumer Mobile App


The Enactor Consumer App keeps customers informed with all their loyalty activity. These display real time values and tiers from Enactor’s Digital Hub.


  • Points – Customers
  • Tiers
  • Groups
  • Rewards
  • Notifications (from the LDE)


Orders at Table

As the customer bill has been built up with orders made in advance, at the table or on the POS, Enactor supports the paying of such bills simply on the consumer app or kiosk. This negates the need for any staff interaction.

Consumer Mobile App