With Enactor’s ability to easily add more channels under one architecture, kiosks can now feature in the Hospitality Environment in an integrated fashion. This presents an opportunity for all restaurant and hospitality chains to offer whole new value propositions and customer experiences.

Enactor builds touchpoint applications for any platform or device and are agnostic to operating systems.

Collaborative approach

Enactor wants to work collaboratively with hospitality and restaurateurs to build custom applications of any kind or purpose; staff or customer facing.

So whether it’s smartwatch app for staff alerts, orders or recipes or kiosk app for ordering at table or at a bar, the Enactor Platform and Toolkit can help chains achieve their business objectives.

Making the tricky things easy

The Enactor Toolkit allows business, application and enterprise process to be built and edited extremely easily. This technique means that when building applications for customer end users like kiosks, they can be highly bespoke for their functional purpose. On the current Enactor touchpoints a high degree of customization be achieved. Everything from menus, faciae to the actual applications they run are highly configurable in Enactor Estate Manager and can be dependant on the login user.