The Kitchen screens are extremely effective management tools for chefs to efficiently carry out their required tasks. They are currently in two distinct forms, to be displayed on touchscreens.

1. Kitchen overview mode for order statuses and kitchen management.

Kitchen Display

2. Individual chef mode which simply shows the same data that would appear on the kitchen printers. Again, these can be highly configured by area based on what data is required to each chef/barman or group. Once the Chef has cooked the order the he simply taps it the order moves along.


Enactor’s kitchen printing gives kitchen staff physical task allocations, messages or allergy warnings related to meal fulfilment. The tickets are highly configurable and can display meal requirements for specific chefs or chefs areas. Each ticket is itself highly configurable in estate manager and customer design can be made using the Toolkit and be deployed extremely rapidly. Using the tools our customers can be reactive to the requirements of those actually working in the kitchen. For example, some of our customers have configured the font size and style to make it easier for the chef’s eye to be drawn to the relevant information on their ticket that relates to them directly.

Enactor’s kitchen printing is supported through wireless or physically connected network printers. Enactor supports near all peripherals, with necessary setup procedures and configuration being highly flexible inside the application in Enactor Estate Manager. Conveniently this can be done at either head office or at restaurant level in the back office.