Mobile/Fixed POS



Enactor provides flexible, first rate Point of Service applications for Hospitality – both for quick service and Table Management. These slick applications are hardware and operating system agnostic, for fixed, mobile devices and can be deployed as thick or thin as required.

Table Management

Enactor Hospitality helps restaurateurs build and grow their business – to increase table turnover and revenue while running efficient processes helping to control costs. Its world-class, configurable and flexible fine-dining features and functions are presented in attractive user interfaces branded for your business. Enactor Table Management can be deployed on Tablet or fixed POS. Enactor also has a specialist table management application for Handheld Terminal.

Quick Service Bar

Enactor Hospitality’s quick service configuration gives cafes and bars the means to be rapid and efficient in serving customers and processing orders.

Quick Service/Bar POS

These applications are:

  • Configurable: Innately flexible in their configuration in Estate Manager
  • Customised: Innately customisable with Enactor Toolkit
  • Easily Integrated: Integrated to all other applications and central systems in real time
  • Deployable: Can be deployed in any way thick or thin
  • Powerful: Can run any Enactor application for maximum performance
  • Omni-channel: Serviced by and posts to the Digital Hub: live bills, table statuses, orders and reservations
  • Loyalty: Access customer loyalty and single customer view for more integrated and personalised experiences
  • Efficient: Notifies and assigns tasks to users