Mobile/Fixed POS

Quick Service/Bar POS

Quick Service/Bar

The quick service configuration targeted for bars and cafés. The grid style products are ideal for serving customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The straightforward, easy to use and customizable interface will enable your business to handle high customer volumes with a UI tailored to your business. Mobile or fixed POS applications are able to send orders straight to the bar to be prepared.

The POS also scans and incorporates loyalty from a customer gift cards, loyalty cards or consumer mobile application.

Products, Prices, Promotions are all highly configurable at either store back office or head office level via Enactor Estate Manager.


Soft UI – Enactor POS menus and layouts are completely configurable in Estate Manager.

Toolkit – The Enactor Toolkit has its own screen designer. This tool unifies all the technology required for a modern user interface. These screens then are added into application process flows.