Mobile/Fixed POS

Table Management

Enactor Hospitality’s table management point of service helps restaurateurs perform high-quality table service around the restaurant or bar. Combining a modern front and back-end it can increase table turnover and revenue while running efficient processes helping to control costs. Its world-class, configurable and flexible fine-dining features and functions are presented in attractive user interfaces branded for your business. The online applications are built using Web 2.0 technologies to offer a truly modern platform that runs on tablets, mobile and conventional POS devices.

Enactor table management can deployed on larger devices on fixed POS or Tablet. Enactor also has an application for HHT and iPod for chains to be able to offer their staff a different kind of flexibility around the restaurant floor.

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Point of Service

Live Bills

Live Bills

Post to and is serviced by the live bill of the customer so they can order more or just pay from their smartphone or kiosk
Soft UI

Soft UI

Completely configurable function and look-and-feel: design screens and process-flow that meet business needs exactly
Set Menus

Set menus

Guide operators through course and item selection of pre-defined menus for each diner, with links to options products where applicable


Split billing by equal amounts, by diner, category or custom, save bill, pay later, discounts, tax rates and service charge
Restaurant Areas

Restaurant areas

Assign tables to areas and define table or takeaway service, service charge levels, transactions allowed per table, courses and devices
Auto Allocation

Auto allocation

Guide operator through item entry by diner and course, require an order for each diner, warn that a diner has been missed
Option Sets

Option sets

Guide operators through the selection of menu items with optional constituent products, and specify preparation style


Flag products and send courses, drinks or other specified items to kitchen, bar and service point and receipt printers
Floor View

Floor view

Create seating floorplans that match restaurant layout and link them to restaurant areas, merge and move tables
Diner details

Diner details

Capture diner gender, dietary preferences and allergies, add free-text entry, either following screen prompts or using loyalty card
Course Management

Course management

Allocates courses to diners intelligently and drives table status, prints drinks and courses to the appropriate printer
Table display

Table display

Show tables by waiter, status and number of diners, reservations, course status, table shape, diners and position and items ordered


The Enactor Toolkit has its own screen designer. This tool unifies all the technology required for a modern user interface. These screens then are inputted into application process flows.